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With a strengthened foundation and financial capacity, RongViet will focus on in-depth development in 2016, that is, to enhance efficiency of operations on the basis of high quality services, thereby elevating and solidifying the Company’s reputation in Vietnam’s financial market

Mr. Tran Le Nguyen

Dear shareholders, clients, and the entire staff of RongViet,

The year 2015 marked a positive turning point for the economy of Vietnam where GDP expanded at 6.68%, the highest rate in past five years. In addition, low inflation was maintained while the recovery in economic activities were facilitated by a robust manufacturing sector and consumption.

2015 was also a special year in Vietnam‘s foreign trade diplomacy as the Vietnam-Korea Free Trade Agreements and the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) become effective. More importantly, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was concluded in October 2015 when all member countries finally found a common voice. The TPP agreement has inspired the various participants in the economy and reflected in positive growth of FDI inflows and manufacturing activities.

Vietnam’s financial market ended the 2015 under great external impacts

The 2015’ financial market underwent a major turmoil, characterized by strong fluctuations securities prices as well as investor sentiment and thus was not as favourable as in 2014. It also felt strong impact from external factors, most notably falling oil prices and of exchange rate volatility.

The daily turnover in both two local stock exchanges averaged only around VND2,500 billion in 2015, down 13.95% from an average of VND2,960 billion in 2014. The decline was due to a restriction in lending for securities investment and the resulting decline in market liquidity under Circular 36, effective in 2015. Total market capitalization reached USD58 billion at 2015 year-end, up 14.35% year-over-year. 

2015 – Having walked through a long journey, RongViet climbed to a new height

For the year 2015, the RongViet’s revenue totalled VND127.2 billion and the profit after tax VND20.9 billion. Although the figures did not coincide with the original targets, it was a great step in RongViet’s effort to erase the entire accumulated losses.

In 2015, marked a milestone in the RongViet’s development as the Company raised its chartered capital from VND350 billion to VND700 billion. A stronger capital base will allow RongViet to strengthen its financial status while giving a boost to all business operations.

On the other hand, the Company’s human resources were maintained largely stable with reinforcement for sales-generating units; overall, the system was operated smoothly and safely, facilitating the delivery of diversified products and services to customers.

2016 - Quality and Efficiency

With much optimism over the economy, political system and Vietnam’s signing into the various trade agreements, the 2016 financial market is expected to see a solid improvement in term of liquidity and market performance.

In its journey until, RongViet has conquered great difficulties and the many extremes of the financial market. It proves that the Company has a concrete foundation and the potential for efficient and sustainable development. The Board of Directors, the Board of Management and the entire staff of RongViet believe no matter what become of the market, we will always raise and steady on our way forward.

With a strengthened foundation and financial capacity, RongViet will focus on in-depth development in 2016, that is, to enhance efficiency of operations on the basis of high quality services, thereby elevating and solidifying the Company’s reputation in Vietnam’s financial market. Quality must come from all aspects of business operations, human resources, products and services and the operating system while efficiency ties to the strength of corporate governance and management. Along with the expansion of businesses and improvement of efficiency, RongViet will perform restructuring in many aspects: 

1. Financial capacity: In the years to come, RongViet and strategic partners look to increase the chartered capital in correspondence with the changing circumstances securities market and to comply with the relevant regulations.
2. Profitability: RongViet targets a profit after tax-to-chartered capital ratio around 12-15% starting 2016.
3. Financial safety: Maintaining all capital safety ratios safely above legal requirements.
4. Business operations: Ceaselessly strive to become one of the 10 leading brokerage firms in market share; develop a dynamic, efficient and professional investment banking team along with safe, diversified and competitive financing solutions; provide diversified, in-time and in-depth research products.


To achieve those goals, the company will employ following solutions with synchronization:
1. Enhance the quality of the Company’s products and services, aiming to improve product utility and competitiveness, client satisfaction and compliance with international standards.
2. Emphasize the development of staff core competencies through the expansion staff size and quality, especially in sale-oriented functions.
3. Solidify and increase investment in IT infrastructures and develop of new applications.
4. Strictly and effectively control operating costs through the review of internal policies and implementation supervision.
5. Consolidate and complete the risk management system: increase internal control and risk management to ensure safety, efficiency, and sustainability in all of the Company's activities.

Dear shareholders, valued clients and all of RongViet's staffs,

The path ahead of us has more than one stumbling blocks but RongViet is establishing its strength in the market place. The Board of Directors is committed to give our best for the sustainable development of RongViet, the maximization of the Company’s value, the increase of shareholders’ interests and the success of our partners, customers, and all of RongViet’s employees. On behalf of The Board of Directors and entire staff of RongViet, I would like to express my earnest appreciation to the authorities, all clients, shareholders and staff of RongViet for your assistance and your contribution to the RongViet’s achievement up to now, and wish to continue receiving your support in our future development.

I wish you health, happiness and success.

Best regards,


Tran Le Nguyen


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