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12-2006 Founded with initial chartered capital of VND100 billion.
12-2007 Order-receiving agents launched in Da Nang, Can Tho and Nha Trang .
08-2007 Share capital raised from VND100 billion to VND300 billion.
05-2007 Became a member of Hanoi Securities Trading Center.
04-2007 Inaugurated company headquarter at 147 – 149 Vo Van Tan St., Dist. 3, HCMC.
03-2007 Membership of Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange.
01-2007 Membership of Vietnam Securities Depository.
10-2008 Received "Prestigious Securities Brand Award", "Oustanding Unlisted Public Company Award" and Golden Cup for “Vietnam’s Leading Joint Stock Company” from the Vietnam Association of Securities Business (VASB), Vietnam Credit Information Center (CIC) and Vietnam Securities Magazine.
10-2008 Order-receiving agent launched in Binh Duong.
09-2008 Saigon Order-receiving Agent launched.
08-2008 Chartered capital increased to VND 330 billion by offering VN 30 billion of shares to a strategic shareholder, Vietnam Export Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank).
09-2008 Launched Ha Noi branch.
10-2009 Received  “Reputable Securities Brand Award- 2009”, “Remarkable Unlisted Public Company Award” and Golden Cup for “Vietnam’s Leading Joint Stock Company” for the second time from the Vietnam Association of Securities Business (VASB), Vietnam Credit Information Center (CIC) and Vietnam Securities Magazine - Vietnam Securities Commission.
06-2009 Became one of first 10 companies to register for trading on UpCom operated by HNX.
03-2009 Launched online trading system - eDragon.
02-2009 Conneted to the HOSE online trading system.
11-2010 Launched new modern online trading system - iDragon
09-2010 Received  “Reputable Securities Brand Award- 2010”, “Remarkable Unlisted Public Company Award” and Golden Cup for “Vietnam’s Leading Joint Stock Company” for the thirdtime from the Vietnam Association of Securities Business (VASB), Vietnam Credit Information Center (CIC) and Vietnam Securities Magazine - Vietnam Securities Commission.
08-2010 Share capital increased to VND349,8 billion
06-2010 Launched Can Tho Branch
05-2010 Officially listed on the HNX under the ticker VDS and launched Nha Trang Branch & Da Nang Branc.
04-2010 Inaugurated new headquarter at Viet Dragon Tower, 141 Nguyen Du St., Dist. 1, HCMC & launched Sai Gon Branch.
06-2010 Connected to the HNX online trading system.
09-2011 Sai Gon Branch closed
09-2011 Ha Noi Branch moved to the new location
07-2011 Received "Best Annual Report" Award of 2011
01-2011 Launched new logo & brand indentity
12-2012 Ranked as the sixth largest securities firm by 2012 brokerage market share in the HSX .
10-2012 Launched iDragon version 2012.
07-2012 Received "Best Annual Report" Award of 2012.
05-2012 Received Certificate of Top 100 Competitive Products and Services for WTO integration. 
03-2012 Da Nang Branch closed.
12-2013 Ranked among Top 29 Companies with good Investor Relation by Vietstock.
10-2013 Launched the tabDragon online trading system for iOS-5.0-and-higher device with user-friendly interface and advance security technology.
07-2013 Received "Best Annual Report Award" of 2013.
07-2013 Launched the Corporate Finance Journal, a quarterly issue to provide institutional clients with regular market and legislation updates and analyses.
02-2013 Introduced 2013 LiveDragon, a web-based price board built upon advanced techonology that can adapt to a wide range of internet speed, allowing fast and accurate update on the market.
11–2014  Launched MailDragon emailing service to deliver weekly trading information and RongViet's research reports directly to clients' email addresses for continuous and accurate market updates and efficient investment management
10–2014  Launched tabDragon for Android device as an addition to the complete RongViet's online trading package.
07-2014 Launched goDragon online trading application for mobile phones running on iOS and Android.
07-2014 Received "Best Annual Report Award" of 2014.
12-2015 Charter capital increased to VND700 billion
10-2015 HNX to honour VDS one of 30 enterprises for transparency in 2014-2015.
07-2015 Launched 2015 call center CallDragon with more services.
07-2015 Launched 2015 price board liveDragon with more functions and improvements.
07-2015 Received "Best Annual Report Award" of 2015.
04 -2015 RongViet's new website was launched at www.vdsc.com.vn. As RongViet's official media channel, the new website introduced a morden and refreshing look with a user-friendly interface for various functions developed to provide the most pleasant and satisfying investing experience.
12-2016 Top 3 most improved brokerage at Asiamoney Brokers Poll 2016 
11-2016 Top 30 HNX enterprises for transparency in 2015-2016
09-2016 Top 15 typical securities companies 2015 - 2016
07-2016 Rosenblatt, Rong Viet Securities Announce Exclusive Vietnam-US Research Pact
04-2016 Launched iDragon version 2016


CLaunched 2017 price board liveDragon with more functions and improvements

Received 13 Awards at Asiamoney Brokers Poll 2017

08-2017 Received "Typical IPO Advisory Securities Company"
07-2017 Received "Best Annual Report Award" of 2017.
07-2017 Officially listed on the HSX under the ticker VDS.
06-2017 Viet Dragon Securities becomes The second Market Maker For "Vietfund Management’s VFMVN30 ETF"
01-2017 Top 10 Upcom 2016 

12 - 2018

Rong Viet received the commendation from the Ministry of Finance for having the positive achievement and contribution in developing the Vietnam stock market from 2016 to 2018

11 - 2018

Prestigious member in Securities Depository  activities 2018

10 - 2018

Outstanding member in Listing & Auction Advisory on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE)

08 - 2018

The Securities Company of the year 2017 - 2018 Equitization Advisory Category vote by M&A Vietnam 2018 Forum

07 - 2018

Charter capital increased to VND1001 billion

01 - 2018

Charter capital increased to VND910 billion


08 - 2019

Rong Viet received "The best M&A advisor of the year 2018 - 2019" selected by Vietnam M&A Forum 2019

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