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Leverage is a necessity for investment return magnification. RongViet‘s Margin trading services promise safety, efficiency, and the variety to meet every investor's needs. The service is constructed on a diverse, monthly updated list of eligible stocks that satisfy our criteria and the relevant stock exchange’s requirements, competitive, and flexible margin rate…
  All clients with a broker or account manager of Rong Viet Securities.
  Clients who have signed the Margin Trading Account Opening Contract cum Credit Contract with RongViet Securities.
  Contract term: 03 months.
  Contract extension: When a contract expires, the client can submit an extension request for RongViet's approval; the maximum period of extension is 03 months.
  Interest rate: In accordance with RongViet's then-applying rate schedule, Rate schedule.
  Lending ratio: In accordance with RongViet's margin lending policy and the policy of the SSC.


Eligibility list as of October 8th, 2020.

Disbursement and collection rules
A client's account may receive one or more disbursements within the lending limit offered by RongViet to finance transactions on the account.

Depending on the lending limit, the client's borrowing capacity, and RongViet's lending capacity, the system may approve or reject a transaction.

  Once a buy order is filled, the system will automatically settle the buying amount in the following order:
1. Cash (if any);
2. Sale proceeds to wait for settlement (if any);
3. Borrowed cash: The system will automatically disburse cash for settlement and enter a credit entry on the account.
  In the event the account's borrowing capacity allows a buy order and the client wishes to borrow instead of using the cash balance or pending sale proceeds for settlement, the client may contact the assigned broker for disbursement; the maximum disbursement is the value of the buy order.
Collection rules
  Interest collection date: the 25th of each month and may be subject to change.
+ If the client terminates the contract, the collection date is the date of termination.
+ If the collection date is a non-working day or a holiday, the collection shall be performed on the next working day.
  Interest calculation: Interest is calculated based on the actual balance of credit each day, accumulated, deducted from Purchasing power after each trading day to be collected as a lump sum on the collection date.
  If an account has no cash balance on the collection date, RongViet shall perform collection by Requesting a cash deposit by the client, liquidating the collateral, or compounding the interest to the principal amount.
  If an account is overdue, the outstanding principal shall be applied to an overdue rate from the date of overdue.
Overdue rate equals (=) 150% the interest rate by RongViet schedule.
Securities depreciation 
  Oustanding loan > Borrowing capacity
If the account has a cash balance and/or pending sale proceeds, the system shall perform automatic collection to ensure the Outstanding loan equals the Borrowing capacity
  30% < Margin ratio < 45%
The client is required to supplement account assets to bring the margin ratio back to the required level (Margin ratio of ≥ 45%).
  Margin ratio of ≤ 30%
Rong Viet has the right to perform any necessary action to collect the loan and bring the margin ratio back to the required level (Margin ratio ≥ 45%).
Terms Explanation Calculation
Lending limit The maximum outstanding loan on an account.
Borrowing capacity The maximum amount a client may borrow when performing transactions on securities in the eligibility list at the different lending ratios.
Note: If the borrowing capacity exceeds the lending limit, the borrowing capacity is set at the lending limit.
Borrowing capacity = ∑ Number od securities eligible for margin trading x Market price x Margin ratio
Purchasing power The maximum value of securities that can be purchased for an account Purchasing power = Cash balance + Borrowing capacity - Aggregate liabilities at the time of calculation – Aggregate fees
Cash balance Cash balance = Cash + Advanceable sale proceeds
Outstanding loan The total amount a client borrows from RongViet
Margin ratio The actual ration between a client's equity value and the total asset value of the margin trading account Margin ratio = Equity value / Total value of assets on the margin trading account
Maintenance margin ratio The minimum margin ratio that must be maintained on a margin trading account at RongViet in accordance with the SSC's requirements Maintenance margin ratio = 45%
Collateral supplement The value of additional securities or cash a client must deposit when securities depreciate in value and result in the margin ratio of the account falling below the maintenance ratio. The supplement of collateral must be made in the form of:
+ Additional deposit of securities (A)
+ Additional deposit of cash (B)

Value of additional securities deposit = (Margin ratio - Maintenance ratio)/(1 – Maintenance ratio) x Total value of assets on the margin trading account by market prices

Value of additional cash deposit = (Margin ratio - Maintenance ratio) x Total value of assets on the margin trading account by market prices
  Streamlined procedures, quick processing, flexible extension period.
  Diverse eligible stock list.
  Promotional rates.
  Solid and ample financing capacity.
  Computerized and automatic purchasing power calculation, lending limit, and margin ratio management...
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Manager of Financial Services Dept.

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