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Vietnam's financial market and the capital market in particular are in the final stage of transformation in term of organization, operation, legal framework, etc... and thus have a lot of growth potential. For that reason, ever since the early days of the company, RongViet's has had its investment banking arm focus on the development of capital market services. With the diverse products and services with a commitment of quality in catering for our clients' varied demands, RongViet is proud to be a reputable provider of capital market services in Vietnam.
RongViet is among the few securities companies approved by Ministry of Finance to perform business valuation for privatization the of state-owned enterprises.
  Firm valuation;
  Fixing of financial, organizational structure and corporate governance issues;
  Construct privatization plan and strategy;
  Organize share auctions;
  Organize general meetings, business establishment and registration.
Aside from our role in state-owned enterprise privatization, RongViet also provides consultancy for the coversion of businesses  to joint stock companies.

Equity issuance consulting service is one of RongViet's many strengths in the investment banking business. We have a long record with the successful stock issuances of many companies and in various industries such as real estate, seafood, consumer goods, finance, banking, etc...

The success and maximum efficiency in clients' financial plans have always been our utmost objective in every consulting contract and the plan implementation process. The values we have generated for our clients include: strengthened financial capacity, enhanced competitiveness, surplus capital resources, support from strategic partners, improved stock liquidity and a better company images overall. In this categories RongViet offers the following services:

  Analysis of financial situation & the neccessity of capital mobilization;
  Develop and propose the optimal issuance methods and strategies given the firm's unique situation (public offerings, private placement, bonus shares...);
  Construct capital utilization plans;
  Develop issuance plan and implementation timeline;
  Prepare registration documents and register the issuance with the authority;
Support client in the approach, negotiation with and selection of potential investors;
Distribution of shares;
Report of the issuance results.

With our current financial capacity, RongViet is one of the few securities companies qualified to perform stock underwriting in Vietnam. Professional share underwriting by RongViet is a guarantee of success to every clients' issuance plans. Our service also supports firms in enhancing their company values and images to the investors while promising the most cost-effective mobilization of the needed capital.

RongViet will walk with the clients through the neccessary procedures before offering and if needed, buying a part or the entire issues to ensure the success. Our services include:

  Business analysis and valuation;
  Valuation of the proposed issues;
  Determine underwritting price;
  Forming an underwritting working if need;
  Reach out to potential investors;
Share distribution and execution of underwritting commitments.

RongViet's consulting services are highly appreciated by our clients and partners in our many high-value contracts and collaboration over the last couple of years with well-known listed establishments such as Eximbank (HSX-EIB), NBB Investment Corporation (HSX-NBB), Dat Xanh Real Estate Service & Construction Corporation (HSX-DXG)...

Stock listing benefit as company in many ways: lowering the cost of raising capital, increasing liquidity, promoting the company's images and transparency, faciliating the execution of shareholders' rights... With their dedication and experience RongViet's team of consultants are able to create added value in every step of a client's listing plan, even before and after the listing. Our specific services include:

  Construct a listing timeline and consult on the appropriate timing;
  Prepare the company to meet listing requirements and review the implementation;
  Consult on solutions to arising issues related to shareholders and the firm's ownership structure;
  Prepare company charter;
  Prepare prospectus and complete listing documents;
Prepare and submit listing documents to the relevant stock exchange;
Register with the VSD;
Disclose information according to regulatory requirements;
Consult on transaction-related issues;
Handle post-listing issues.

With a diverse client base, a widespread network and a enthusiastic and dynamic team, RongViet's has a competitive advantage to find capable investors and arrange transaction in deals of all sizes. Our main works include:

  Understand client's demand, review the entire business/project situation to consult on the partner selection criteria and conditions.
  Prepare documents, profiles for the process of searching and approaching potential investors.
  Select potential investors in accordance with the criteria and conditions from RongViet's extensive client database.
  Serve as an effective link between the client and the investors throughout the entire process of research, selection, negotiation and execution of negotiated terms.
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Mr. Pham Tan Tien

Director of Investment Banking Division

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Mr. Nguyen Van Thien

Deputy Director, Hanoi Branch

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