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Despite its young age, Vietnam's financial market has experienced remarkable growth in recent years. The debt market, as an integral part of the financial market, has also been developing quickly and continuously in term of diversity and complexity. Advantaged by an experienced and highly competent team and a extensive network in the financial market, RongViet's Investment Banking Division has ceaselessly improved our capacity to cater for this market from very basic aspects such as issuance and bond listing, to complex, conditional services such as underwriting and capital arrangement.
The issuance of debt is conducted through the sales of bonds, convertible bonds, bonds with warrants and other debt instruments to raise capital in either public offerings or private placements. Using RongViet's debt issuance adviosry services, firms can be assured of the professionalism and expertise of our consulting team as well as their dedication to maximize values for clients in term of:
  Strengthen firm's financial capacity and competitiveness to meet the requirements business operations;
  Select alternative/complementary debt capital raising plans beside conventional loans from credit institutions to minimize the cost of capital;
  Ultilize the diverse features of bonds and other debt instruments as compared to conventional loans to create financial flexibility;
  Attract potential future strategic partners ;
  Promote the companie public image.
RongViet's consultants will perform specific services such as:
  Analyze the business' current financial situations and the need for capital raising;
  Propose a selection of debt instruments to be issued (convertible or non-convertible bonds, bonds with warrants...);
  Develop and propose bond issuance strategy in consideration of the business' situations (public offering, private placement);
  Develop plan for the use of capital;
  Develop issuing plan and implementation schedule;
  Prepare registration documents and registrate the issuance with the relevant authority;
Support client in the approach, negotiation and selection of potential investors;
Distribute issued bonds;
Report issuance result to the authority.

With our bond issuance underwriting service , RongViet supports clients in all pre-sale procedures, purchasing a part of the entire issues to guarantee the issuance sucess and cost-effectiveness. The service details are as follow:

  Analyze the business' current financial situations and the need for capital raising;
  Propose a selection of debt instruments to be issued (convertible or non-convertible bonds, bonds with warrants...);
  Determine the business value to set the selling price, conversion price, right ratio (in case of issuing convertible bonds or bond with warrants)...;
  Determine underwriting price
  Establish issuance combination (if any);
Support client in the approach, negotiation and selection of potential investors;
Distribute the issued bonds and execute underwritting commitment.

Listing bonds in securities exchanges is seen by many enterprises as an effective tool to promote the liquidity and convenience in trading and thus the attractiveness of the comapny debts. It also polishes company image and enhance transparency. Utlimately, listing bonds facilitates future issuance of a company's debts.

RongViet commits to provide the most comprehensive service before, during and after the listing. Our service details are as follow:

  Advise on the schedule and timing of the listing;
  Assist client in preparing for the listing conditions, including approvals from the Board of Directors/Board of Founding Shareholders/Shareholder General Assembly;
  Consult on possible and arising issues related to bonds or bond holders;
  Prepare prospectus and listing registration documents;
  Submit listing registration to the relevant exchange;
Register for securities custody;
Disclose information in accordance with regulatory requirements;
Consult client on trading-related matters;
Post-listing follow-up.

As a bondholders' representative, RongViet guarantees complete and timely compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, especially in the supervision of the execution of the issuer's commitments.

In this service, bond issuers could be assured of all compliance matters during the issuing process while receiving advice on the most effective manners to fulfill their commitments.


RongViet's experience, wide network and our reputation to a great many investors and institutions in the markets can help clients diversify their sources of capital. The capital mobilization consulting service provide clients with variety of flexible options beside the conventional source of bank loans. In this service, RongViet:

  Study client/project's need of capital in order to design the most appropriate and effective product(s) based on the client/project's financial capacity, resources and business plans .
  Provide latest updates for the domestic and international capital market and the financial tools to meet the client's capital demand;
  Serve as a connection between client and the capital market;
  Support client in the negotiation of the content and conditions related to the capital raising plan.

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Deputy Director, Hanoi Branch

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