Announcement Change of smsDragon and smsOTP service fee

Viet Dragon Securities Corporation (Rong Viet) would like to thank our customers for trusting and accompanying Rong Viet during the past time.

Rong Viet is pleased to announce the change of smsDragon and smsOTP service fees, details as below:

  • Service fee (VAT included)

Type of service

Current fee

(Account/ phone number / month)

Fees change

(Account/ phone number / month)


8,800 VND

16,500 VND


8,800 VND

16,500 VND

smsDragon and smsOTP

16,500 VND

33,000 VND

  •  Time of application: From 01/02/2022.

To receive notices related to transactions arising on securities accounts, product and service announcements from Rong Viet quickly and free of charge, customers can download the iDragon online trading application and register to use nDragon serviceReceive notifications and Smart OTP serviceReceive OTP code on iDragon application.

For more information, please contact your Account Manager or Call Center (028) 6299 2020 for support.


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