Announcement Filing and Collecting Personal Income Tax for individuals with income from financial investments

Based on:

  • Decision No. 126/2020/ND-CP on October 19, 2020 regarding the Tax Laws;
  • Circular No. 111/2013/TT-BTC on August 15, 2013 regarding Personal Income Tax Laws.

Rong Viet Securities Corporation (Rong Viet) will proceed with filing and collection Personal Income Tax (PIT) from financial investments on behalf of Rong Viet’s clients, details are:

 Applicable to:  Individual clients who have received stock dividends, bonus shares from stocks whose last subscription date was December 05, 2020 and after.

  1. Time of filing and collecting: When the client sells / transfers the shares until all the shares incurring from stock dividends and bonus shares have been sold.
  2. Calculation Method:

 Collectible Amount = Number of stocks * Transfer Price * Tax Rate 5%.

 In which:

  • Number of stocks:   Stocks incurring from stock dividends / bonus shares.
  • Price used for tax calculation:
    • If the transfer price < Par Value: Price = Transfer Price.
    • If the transfer price Par Value or in the case of transferring through the Securities Depository Center without a specified price: Price = Par Value 
  1. Example:    Client A holds the stock XYZ with the following details:

Notes:  In addition to the Personal Income Tax (PIT) mentioned above, the client still needs to pay the sale tax of 0.1% as stated by the Laws.

For further details, please contact your Account Manager or the Call Center (028)62992020.


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