Announcement On implementation of trading regulations at Ha Noi Stock Exchange

Pursuant to Decision No. 653/QĐ-SGDHN dated October 12, 2018 regarding issuing Regulations for trading securities listed at Ha Noi Stock Exchange;

Rong Viet Securities Corporation (Rong Viet) would like to inform Valued Clients regarding some implementations of trading regulations for securities listed at Ha Noi Stock Exchange (HNX) effective from Monday, November 05, 2018 with the following details:

1. Implementation of Extended Trading Session

Ha Noi Stock Exchange implements Extended Trading Session which is from 14:45 PM to 15:00 PM

2. Implementation of Post Closing Order (PLO)

 The PLO order is a buying or selling order at the closing price, which is put into the system after the closing periodic order matching session;

  • The PLO order is only put in the Extended Trading Session;
  • The PLO order is matched immediately if the counter order is available. Executed price is the closing price of the trading day;
  • The PLO order is not allowed to modify or cancel;
  • In case that the executed price can not be determined in the continuous and the closing order matching session, the PLO orders will not be put into the system;
  • At the end of extended trading session, PLO orders or the rest of the ones which are not executed will be automatically canceled.

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