RongViet awarded “Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2022” by HR Asia


Asia’s most authoritative publication for senior HR professionals – HR Asia has just awarded RongViet Securities one of the “Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2022”. This is the first time RongViet Securities being awarded this coveted title.

Previously, the judging council of HR Asia magazine conducted research, interviews and in-depth evaluation of the human resource strategy and human development policy of Viet Dragon. Especially, through the "Total Engagement Assessment Model" (T.E.A.M), Viet Dragon has achieved impressive results with many indicators outperforming the industry and market averages. The evaluation model is based on three main factors: Core – collective organisation for real engagement; Self – employee’s individual engagement; Group - team spirit.

Speaking at the award ceremony on the evening of August 11, 2022, Ms Nguyen Ngoc Van Phuong - Managing Director of Businesses Supporting Division cum Chief Personnel Director of RongViet shared: "This is a noble award, recognising the perseverance of Viet Dragon in the mission to build a humane, professional working environment and towards the prosperity for everyone.”


RongViets representative receiving the “Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2022” trophy

In the prioritised mission set for employees, RongViet wishes to build a humane and attractive working environment and corporate culture, attracting capable, experienced, enthusiastic personnel to cooperate and work, develop careers and create a prosperous and happy future.

In the past years, RongViet has always applied competitive skill-based remuneration policies. The Company also continuously improves the working environment, expanding and upgrading the office to an open working space to enhance the spirit of cohesion and cooperation.

RongViet also focuses on the physical and mental health of employees through sports and yoga clubs and annual team-building programmes to engage and motivate the team’s spirit.


RongViet staff participating in the 2022 team-building event

Especially, in the development strategy for the period of 2021 - 2030, RongViet identifies three decisive factors for the development of the Company as "people - system - technology", in which people are the centre of all activities. Therefore, RongViet focuses on training and improving employees' professional capacity and working skills through integration training programmes, soft skills, professional knowledge, practising certificates, management skills, etc. Along with a clear promotion path, many managers at RongViet have attached and developed their careers at the Company since its establishment until now.

“At RongViet, every individual is given the maximum opportunity to develop extensively and comprehensively. We characterise ourselves and aim to become a confident team, breakthrough in thinking and awareness, solid expertise, ready to face changes, self-motivation and above all, respect for humane and ethical values.” – RongViet’s representative emphasised.


Prestigious Harmonia trophy and award certificate of RongViet

HR Asia – Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2022 title is a proud milestone in RongViet's journey to build and develop human resources. Especially, in the context that the Company sets its 2022 orientation to "Enhance foundation - Expand scale - Accelerate efficiency" and focuses on people, receiving this coveted award for human resources and working environment is much more critical in the development of RongViet.