RongViet awarded Outstanding Technology Products and Digital Transformation


On August 8, 2023, Vietnam Wealth Advisors Summit 2023 (VWAS 2023) honoured RongViet Securities in the category of Outstanding Technology Products and Digital Transformation. Additionally, the Forum also recognised RongViet's efforts for the development of the financial services.

As part of the Forum organised by the Bao Dau Tu (Investment Newspaper) in collaboration with the Vietnam Wealth Advisors (VWA), the Voting Council announced and granted awards to outstanding financial service products.

RongViet Securities was honoured in the category of Outstanding Technology Products and Digital Transformation, alongside other leading banks and financial services companies. This achievement is a well-deserved recognition of RongViet's efforts in its comprehensive digital transformation strategy. 

Mr. Tran Thang Long - Managing Director cum Director of Hanoi Branch, representative of RongViet receiving the award 

In order to increase customer experience and develop innovative platforms and business models, RongViet has continuously introduced various solutions and utility tools throughout its clients’ investment journeys. Notable products and services include eduDragon, an online stock investment learning system; smartDragon, a comprehensive stock investment analysis platform; and iBot, a virtual investment assistant on Telegram, etc.  

In addition, RongViet also places a strong emphasis on digitalisation in operations, infrastructure and IT security. Recently, the Company has officially put into use a comprehensive data platform (Data Warehouse). This is an important project, jointly implemented between the RongViet’s team and experts from CMC Group and IBM Vietnam. The Data Warehouse will help enhance the efficiency of RongViet's data management and usage, serving as a foundation to continue the successful implementation of digital transformation projects such as HRM - human resource management system; CRM - customer relationship management BI, comprehensive management reporting system, etc.

In addition to the Outstanding Technology Products and Digital Transformation award, the Forum also honoured RongViet for the contribution to The Development of Financial Services.


Representative of Rong Viet (fourth from left) receiving the title For the Development of Financial Services 

The Vietnam Wealth Advisor Summit 2023 (VWAS) was held for the first time, bringing together a multitude of top-tier economic experts, along with the participation of numerous reputable experts from banks, securities companies, asset management companies, etc... in Vietnam. With the theme "Swimming In the Vortex", the experts had in-depth discussions on the global economy in general and Vietnam’s economy in particular, exploring opportunities and effective investment strategies in an unpredictably volatile environment. 

Representative of RongViet - Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Lam, Director of the Analysis Centre, participated in the second discussion session titled "Hunting for Opportunities". According to Ms. Lam, industry groups with relatively low P/E ratios, such as banking, information technology, pharmaceuticals, and public utilities, have maintained consistent positive growth over several consecutive quarters amidst a backdrop of many industries experiencing negative growth. These sectors also have P/E ratios that have not exceeded the average P/E of the last 3 years, suggesting they may be the industry groups with growth potential. 


Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Lam - Director of RongViet's Analysis Centre (third from left) participating in the discussion session 

Following the recent ‘Best Securities Trading App in Vietnam 2023’ presented by Global Banking & Finance Awards, the two achievements at VWAS 2023 continue to serve as a testament to the recognition from the investor community as well as accolades from reputable independent organisations both domestically and internationally, acknowledging RongViet's relentless efforts over the past few years. These efforts aim to provide investors and clients with diverse and utility products and services on modern technology platforms, contributing to the development of the Vietnam financial market. This will be the motivation for RongViet to strive even harder and continue refining the financial - investment ecosystem, thereby aiming for sustainable values and a prosperous future, not only for clients, partners, and shareholders but also to contribute to the community and society.  

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