RongViet organises real-world stock investment competition for university students


On August 28, 2023, RongViet Securities officially launched the ‘RongViet Invest 2023’ programme - a knowledge and real-world investment competition for university students nationwide, with the total prizes and awards worth up to VND 400 million.

A knowledge and real-world investment competition with total prizes and awards of up to VND 400 million

RongViet Invest 2023 is organised by RongViet Securities and includes two rounds: the investment knowledge (Round 1) and the real-world stock investment (Round 2).

Specifically, the first round of the competition will take place from October 16, 2023 to October 28, 2023 in the form of an online quiz, with questions revolving around topics such as personal financial management, the stock market, stock investment strategies, etc.

The second round of the competition will take place over 6 weeks (from November 6, 2023 to December 15, 2023), during which contestants will compete based on investment efficiency (profit margin) with guidance from RongViet’s investment advisory experts. Notably, in this round of the competition, contestants will personally experience real-world investment using their own capital (with a minimum amount of VND 2 million and a maximum amount of VND 20 million). 

Through the programme, RongViet encourages students to acquire a comprehensive understanding of finance and investment. This includes researching how to gather market information and making independent investment decisions, thereby cultivating their confidence as well as experience to enter their investment journey and master personal finances in the future. 

Contestants have a chance to win many valuable prizes and attractive gifts, of which the First Prize of the real-world investment category is up to VND 50 million. Additionally, as an encouragement to students for their participation, the first candidates to complete the registration process will receive an immediate deposit of VND 100,000 into their securities account. As a practical playground, RongViet Invest also offers students the opportunity of internships and official positions at RongViet Securities and RongViet Asset Management. 


UEH University and RongViet collaborating to launch the competition for students

A series of educational workshops on investing and personal financial management

Before the competitions, from September 2023, RongViet Invest will collaborate with universities to conduct a series of workshops on personal financial management and investment for students, held directly at their universities.  

With a diverse range of topics combining theory with practice, the workshops provide students with a practical perspective on the stock market, along with hands-on experience and investment lessons from reputable experts in the industry. In addition, these workshops are also an opportunity for students to orient themselves in their careers within the field of finance and investment. They can explore suitable job positions at banks, securities companies, fund management companies, insurance companies, listed companies, etc.  

Through this series of workshop programmes, RongViet aims to raise awareness among students about the role and potential development of the stock market, as well as the significance and importance of personal financial management and investment in each individual's life and future. 


National Economics University and RongViet collaborating to launch the competition

Building a generation of young investors rich in knowledge and confidence

Mr. Nguyen Chi Trung - Member of the Board of Directors of RongViet, Head of the Organising Committee of the RongViet Invest, shared, ‘We believe that a sustainable and healthy stock market is only achievable when the cognitive foundation and the investment experience of the new generation of investors continue to advance. This should be promoted as early as possible. Therefore, a programme with a synchronised approach that includes seminars, career guidance, knowledge competition, and real-world investment competition, all built upon innovative technological platforms of securities training and automatic investment tools, is being established for the first time on a large scale in universities nationwide.’ 

The goal of this programme is to become an annual playground where students nationwide have the opportunity to learn, navigate their careers, and at the same time gain practical experience as a real investor in the Vietnam stock market. Whereby, RongViet aspires to help mold a new generation of investors well-equipped with knowledge, experience and confidence on their investment journey, fostering financial independence, thus, joining hands to build the sustainable development of Vietnam stock market and contribute to creating a prosperous future." 

Due to this practical significance, the competition has garnered positive reviews and enthusiastic participation from numerous leading universities in economics and finance nationwide, including: 

Ho Chi Minh CityHanoiOther cities & provinces
  • College of Business (COB) – UEH University
  • HCM University of Banking (HUB) 
  • Foreign Trade University II (FTU) 
  • International University - (VNU-HCM) 
  • HUTECH University
  • Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) 
  • Van Lang University (VLU) 
  • Industrial University of HCMC (IUH) 
  • HCMC University of Economics and Finance (UEF)
  • Nguyen Tat Thanh University (NTTU)  
  • Saigon Technology University (STU)  
  • HCMC University of Industry and Trade (HUIT) 
  • HCMC College of Industry and Trade 
  • National Economics University (NEU)
  • Hanoi University of Economics and Business (UEB) 
  • Banking Academy
  • Vietnam Academy of Finance 
  • Thuongmai University 
  • Hanoi University of Industry
  • Trade Union University 
  • Can Tho University
  • Nha Trang University
  • Binh Duong Economics and Technology University 


RongViet Invest received positive reviews and participation from many universities


Detailed information about the RongViet Invest 2023:
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