RongViet Securities officially implements CRM System on Microsoft Dynamics 365


RongViet Securities has officially implemented the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. This is a digital transformation project for RongViet, advised and implemented by strategic partner KPMG in Vietnam.


[An official ceremony for the Go-live of the CRM system of RongViet, KPMG Vietnam and Microsoft] 

Mr. Nguyen Chi Trung, Member of Board of Directors, Head of the CRM Project Steering Committee at RongViet Securities, emphasizes the crucial role of providing excellent customer experiences in nurturing and building customer loyalty for the business. According to him, CRM is an important tool that supports the business team at every customer touchpoint. This sets high expectations for RongViet and KPMG in Vietnam in enhancing customer experiences through the CRM system. 

[Mr. Ross Macallister – Managing Partner, Head of Consulting Department of KPMG in Vietnam and Cambodia at the CRM Go-live ceremony] 

Mr. Ross Macallister, Managing Partner, Head of Consulting department at KPMG in Vietnam and Cambodia, also values the enhancement of understanding and establishing close connections with customers. He believes that the project's success is not solely about streamlining procedures and technological progress for RongViet, but also about cultivating meaningful connections with their customers. 

CRM System – the “backbone” of RongViet Securities' digital transformation strategy  


Mr. Nguyen Mien Tuan - Chairman of RongViet Securities Corporation spoke at the ceremony

Mr. Nguyen Mien Tuan, Chairman of RongViet Securities Corporation, congratulated and highlighted the significance of implementing the CRM system: "The CRM system can be considered a critical platform in RongViet’s digital transformation strategy to enhance customer experience and optimize operations."  

With positive support from technology deployment partner KPMG Vietnam and Microsoft, the CRM system will help RongViet have a more comprehensive view of its customers. Integrating CRM with the Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence reporting system allows RongViet to record, consolidate, and analyze all transactions and interactions with existing and potential customers, creating detailed customer portfolios. The anticipated outcome of the CRM system is to facilitate RongViet in the effective management, nurturing, and optimal utilization of its existing and potential customer portfolios. 

Additionally, CRM provides a platform and tools to help RongViet efficiently manage internal information, analyze data, and develop business strategies in response to changes in the business environment, enhancing RongViet's competitive capabilities. 

Powerful collaboration creates a difference 

This collaboration between RongViet, KPMG in Vietnam, and Microsoft Vietnam is not merely about implementing a customer management system. It represents a powerful blend of vision, technological strength, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. This journey helps RongViet expand its market and strengthen relationships with customers. It is also a significant step in the comprehensive digital transformation strategy of the company. The RongViet team is demonstrating that customer care is not just a task but a continuous mission, aiming to provide the best results and excellent experiences for each customer. 


Mr. Do Khac Cuong - Director of Customer Relationship Development of Microsoft Vietnam 

Mr. Do Khac Cuong, Director of Customer Relationship Development at Microsoft, assesses and shares the role of Microsoft and KPMG in Vietnam in this project: "By operationalizing CRM, we are elevating RongViet's customer experience to new heights and supporting them in becoming a pioneering financial institution in digital transformation." This marks a crucial step in RongViet’s development, showcasing the commitment and unity of RongViet, Microsoft, and KPMG Vietnam in supporting businesses to grow effectively and sustainably. 

On behalf of RongViet, Mr. Nguyen Mien Tuan expressed appreciation for the relentless efforts of the project implementation team at RongViet and the deployment partner, KPMG in Vietnam: “We have worked very hard to successfully implement the project within the expected timeframe, and I highly value these efforts".  He looks forward to continuing collaboration between RongViet, KPMG in Vietnam, and Microsoft in future projects and other business initiatives to ensure optimal performance, aligning with RongViet's mission of 'Creating a prosperous future' for customers and related partners. 

About KPMG in Vietnam 

KPMG was established in Vietnam in 1994 with offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Nang. Currently, with more than 1,600 highly qualified employees and 51 executive members, KPMG is one of the largest professional service firms in Vietnam with a substantial number of international and domestic clients. 

Besides traditional services, KPMG in Vietnam is focusing on developing technology consulting, digital transformation and creativity. In 2022, KPMG in Vietnam was honored with the leading role in the survey evaluating Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation units in the Asia Pacific (ASPAC) region conducted by IDC MarketSCape. Not only that, for three consecutive years 2020 - 2021 - 2022, KPMG Vietnam was recognized by Microsoft as D365 partner of the year ("Microsoft's D365 CRM partner of the year") in Vietnam. 

KPMG in Vietnam also has extensive experience implementing projects for clients in the financial industry in particular and in many other fields in general. With a team of experienced experts and constantly improving technology solutions and improving service quality, KPMG in Vietnam is committed to bringing the most valuable and suitable solutions to businesses. 

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