Viet Dragon celebrates 15th anniversary with special promotion


Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Company’s establishment (December 2021), from 01/09/2021 to 31/12/2021, Viet Dragon is applying a special promotion, yet also a meaningful programme.

Specifically, customers opening new account and having minimum transaction value of 15 million VND during the programme duration will get a 100.000VND reward directly into securities account.

Besides, for each new account opened successfully, Viet Dragon will donate 30.000VND to COVID-19 prevention funds (using Company’s operating expenses). This is a sense of responsibility that Viet Dragon wishes to take on with the society, facing the difficulties of COVID-19, along with many other activities that Viet Dragon has been carrying out to join hands in restraining the pandemic.

To get the reward as well as contribute to the above meaningful activity, customers can open new account using eKYC technology that has been fully applied by Viet Dragon on mobile applications and web platforms.

The notable advantage of this technology is that the entire registration process just takes a few minutes with some simple steps. Investors can own securities account online from anywhere without having to get outside inconveniently, especially during this high time of limiting direct contact.   


At Viet Dragon, the eKYC (Know Your Customer) process helps to verify the customer’s identity based on the provided documents (ID card, passport...) and the presence of the customer is real, enabling a fast, accurate and completely secured registration experience. Since its application, Viet Dragon’s eKYC technology has been trusted and chosen to open securities account successfully by many investors. As an example, the number of accounts opened using this advanced technology has nearly doubled since its official launch.

To open an account online and experience eKYC technology, customers can visit here or download iDragon app on mobile phones and tablets (available on Android and iOS).