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RongViet welcomes all talented, oriented, creative and aspirational people to join us as one family. At RongViet, you will find the opportunities not only to work but also to define and develop your individuality.

In a diverse, dynamic and sociable environment, you will have:
- Motivation to act;
- Opportunities to develop;
- Empowerment to achieve your targets.

Realize your goals with us.

Start your career with RongViet

RongViet always leaves the door open for fresh graduates whose have working experience may be compensated by knowledge, enthusiasm and passion. New employees will be trained in operations, professional skills and engage in the company's various business aspects to bring out their strengths and demonstrate their competence.

Experienced recruits

Working experience and proficiency are the most fundamental criteria of candidates for senior positions at RongViet. The working environment at RongViet ensures that our people have as much chance of promotion as they are talented.

Opportunities for internships

There are plenty internship opportunities for undergraduates and graduates at RongViet. Our interns will be given a chance to experience first hand the reality of the financial business so that they can quickly catch up with the real work after graduation.

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