RongViet Securities launches eduDragon - top securities investment training platform


On October 20, 2022, RongViet Securities launched eduDragon - the leading and comprehensive securities investment training platform in Vietnam ( with a diverse knowledge base, totally free and suitable for all investors.

Securities investment is easy to access and does not require much capital, but to achieve sustainable profits, investors need to equip themselves with different knowledge. Especially when Vietnam's stock market is volatile, it is necessary for investors to acquire more investment knowledge and understand how the market operates to avoid potential risks.

Understanding that need, RongViet Securities has built and developed a comprehensive securities investment training platform named eduDragon with a diverse knowledge base, scientifically and systematically designed to suit all investors. eduDragon is free to access and available on the website and app. Clients/ Investors, either having an account at RongViet Securities or not, can also easily access many courses on eduDragon.


With eduDragon, investors can take courses from basic to advanced levels, which are visualised through graphic animation or presented directly by experienced trainers from RongViet Securities.

The content of courses on eduDragon is built into 5 categories, based on the journey of becoming a professional investor. Specifically, the lessons on Personal Financial Management are for beginners to understand their own financial status and aim to build a sustainable financial foundation. New investors can get an overview of economics, finance and the stock market through a 360-degree Stock Market lesson.

Two popular analysis methods in stock investment, Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis will be more in-depth training content on eduDragon, providing the foundation knowledge for analysis and investment decision-making. Additionally, eduDragon offers courses on Investment Strategy, helping to build and manage effective portfolios.


Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen – General Director of RongViet Securities said: “With eduDragon, RongViet Securities wishes to become a companion of clients on their journey to becoming professional investors. This system reinforces our efforts to successfully create a financial and investment ecosystem for the Vietnamese business community and investors. At the end of 2022, we will continue to launch many new digital platforms for investors such as: smart investment analysis assistant platform – smartDragon; brand new RongViet Securities' website; upgrade of the multi-utility iDragon online trading application”.

To find out more information about the comprehensive securities investment training platform eduDragon, Clients and Investors can visit