Viet Dragon re-brands, aiming to create the prosperous future


Viet Dragon Securities Corporation has officially launched a new logo and brand identity system with the slogan "creating a prosperous future". This change is applied from December 21, 2021, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Company's establishment.

The change is part of the branding strategy, marking the transformation of Viet Dragon in the journey towards the vision of becoming one of the leading, modern and most effective financial institutions in Vietnam. The new brand identity thereby fully conveys the meaning, spirit and mentality of Viet Dragon for a new development phase with a long-term strategy.

Rong Viet's new logo (right)

Specifically, the new logo of the Viet Dragon is boldly inherited with the emphasis on the image of the Golden Dragon holding Minh Chau pearls, majestic in the red sun. According to Eastern culture, this is the most noble symbol and also the hidden meaning of the Company about the spirit of willingness to offer the most quintessential values ​​of the Viet Dragon team in order to bring prosperity to customers, employees, shareholders, financial markets and the economy, as well as communities and society. Along with this meaning, Viet Dragon first introduced the slogan "Creating a prosperous future" as an affirmation of the Company's goals and mission.

The Dragon symbol with a curving body, symbolizing the S-shaped strip of land of Vietnam, expressing national pride, is stylized with 6 strokes, and 6 fins representing the 6 core values ​​that Viet Dragon is always committed to preserving and developing.

The new identification system of Viet Dragon uses 3 tones of red - yellow - green. In which, red is the main color, expressing enthusiasm and fierceness; Yellow symbolizes prosperity and blue means sustainable development.

The year 2021 is established by Viet Dragon as the foundation year, marking a turning point for a new development phase with many impressive achievements and records. Viet Dragon's total revenue in the first 9 months of 2021 reached a total of VND 761.2 billion, profit after tax reached VND 320.2 billion, skyrocketing by 193% and 539% over the same period and the highest level of the Company. company to since its establishment. Viet Dragon was also recently honored in the category of Fast Enterprises Awards - APEA 2021 and awared the Top 5 Best Corporate Governance Report (small cap group).

Sharing about the development orientation of the business on the occasion of its 15th anniversary, Mr. Nguyen Mien Tuan - Chairman of Viet Dragon emphasized: “After 15 years of construction and development, overcoming many difficulties and challenges, Viet Dragon has affirmed its prestige and solid position in the Vietnamese stock market. In the new development phase, Viet Dragon continues to build and perfect the platform and system, associated with digital transformation, creating diverse and suitable products, bringing the best efficiency to customers. Viet Dragon people always aspire to commit and dedicate to create a prosperous future together.”