Viet Dragon introduces smartDragon - A powerful platform to support stock investors


Viet Dragon Securities (Viet Dragon) has launched the smartDragon investment analysis platform, providing stock analysis tools and new investment ideas for investors. This platform is considered a powerful tool for investors, affirming Viet Dragon's proactive approach to the market, sensitivity to technology, and emphasis on knowledge in the investment journey.

smartDragon by Viet Dragon is touted as a powerful platform for all investment decisions, offering four outstanding tools: smartInvest - a system of financial chart analysis and stock information; smartScore - stock evaluation and ranking; smartTrade - intelligent investment decision support; and smartPortfolio - investment portfolio proposals with attractive returns based on risk appetite. 


Viet Dragon introduces smartDragon - A powerful platform to support stock investors 

smartInvest – Business analysis chart and stock information system 

Different from conventional analysis tools, smartInvest provides a variety of financial chart templates that are visually appealing and dynamic. Continuous and accurate updates of financial indicators and reports, combined with Viet Dragon's analysis reports, help investors evaluate companies in-depth and understand their fundamentals. 


The visually intuitive UI for stock analysis and financial charts on RongViet's smartDragon  

smartScore – Stock evaluation and ranking

smartScore allows investors to easily search for and evaluate attractive investment opportunities in the market through a scoring system ranging from 1 to 100. smartScore is built on three fundamental criteria: Valuation, Quality, and Momentum. 

Valuation score is calculated based on valuation indicators such as P/E, P/B, market capitalization, compared to the intrinsic value or industry average. Quality score evaluates business efficiency through indicators such as ROE, ROA, profit margin, and growth rate compared to the industry. Momentum score measures the volatility of a stock based on its price and average trading volume in the recent period. 

smartTrade – Intelligent investment decision support 

The next prominent feature on smartDragon is the smartTrade tool. Based on in-depth technical analysis algorithms performed continuously after the trading session, smartTrade calculates and provides optimal trading recommendations. By selecting recommendation signals such as Buy, Sell, Monitor, Accumulate, investors can make quick and accurate decisions. 

In addition, the smartTrade tool also updates the RV50 group, which consists of a list of 50 stocks selected by Viet Dragon for analysis. Investors can also create their own watchlist using the available Watchlist feature on smartTrade. 


The smartTrade tool assists investors in making timely and accurate investment decisions 

smartPortfolio – Investment portfolio recommendations with attractive profit rates customised to varying risk preferences 

For investors who do not have much time for research and analysis of individual stocks, smartPortfolio is a powerful tool for selecting and optimizing investment portfolios. smartPortfolio is designed based on profit expectations and risk appetite, offering three portfolio groups: conservative, balanced, and growth. For each portfolio, smartPortfolio provides recommendations for 5 component stocks, allocation weights, smartScore, purchase price, expected returns, etc. Viet Dragon updates the smartPortfolio every month to align with the market situation and trends. 

hiDragon – A Virtual Assistant on Telegram 

In addition to the website platform, Viet Dragon has also developed the hiDragon virtual assistant on the Telegram application, which helps investors access real-time news and receive proactive market updates. hiDragon also offers many superior features like smartTrade, smartScore, and smartPortfolio. Telegram users can access and use hiDragon at

The smartDragon investment analysis platform is currently provided completely free of charge to all Viet Dragon customers from October 24, 2022, at Investors who do not have a securities account at Viet Dragon can register for a free trial of smartDragon for 30 days (via Facebook/Gmail accounts) or open a securities account using the eKYC identification technology in just 3 minutes to immediately access the outstanding tools of smartDragon. 


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