Viet Dragon Securities Corporation (VDSC) offers a client loyalty program for all individual and institutional clients nationwide. Accordingly, each client's transaction at VDSC is recorded and converted into points to qualify them to become a VIP client with levels such as: Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Member. In addition, the ranking is also based on the periodical average net asset value (NAV) of each client at VDSC. At each level, clients will enjoy many different special incentives from VDSC.


 RankRanking PointAverage NAV (30 days minimum)
< 2,000< 20 billions
Silver2,000 ≤ Point < 5,00020 billions ≤ NAV < 50 billions
Gold 5,000 ≤ Point < 10,00050 billions ≤ NAV < 100 billions
Platinum 10,000 ≤ Point < 15,000100 billions ≤ NAV < 200 billions
Diamond≥ 15,000≥ 200 billions
(*) NAV = NAV Underlying Account + NAV Derivatives + Value of Bonds at par value
  • Points: Based on accumulated points for each quarter.
  • Average total NAV (minimum 30 days):
* Total NAV = NAV (Underlying Account) + NAV (Derivative) + NAV (Bond) + NAV (Service/Product) from time to time. 
* Average Total NAV = (Total NAV for each day from account opening/early period to qualifying time) divided by (Total number of days from account opening/early period to qualifying time).
CriteriaApplied amount (VND)Redemption Points
Advance fee100,0001
Underlying securities transaction fee20,0001
Derivatives trading fees
(Rong Viet collects)
Trading Bonds (VND/month)100,000,0001
Birthday Points, Sticky Points, 
Other Privileges

Bond trading: based on the value of the Bonds (at par value) issued or distributed by RongViet owned by the Customer.

The Gift List is updated from time to time and published on the iDragon online trading system, or you can contact VDSC for details.



TELEPHONE ( +84 28 6299 2020)undefined


  • Periodically, on the last working day of each quarter, each client's ranking is reviewed and evaluated according to one of two criteria: ranking points and average total NAV (minimum 30 days). If the client achieves 2 different rating grades according to the above two criteria, the client's final rating result is the higher of the 2 rating grades.
  • If qualifying for a rank increase before the evaluation period, the client has the right to request a rank increase during the period without waiting for the periodic review.
  • At the time of assessment, if the client's rank is less than or equal to the current rank, the client is entitled to continue to maintain the same rank until the end of the next evaluation quarter.
  • Clients are entitled to participate in incentive programs to multiply points or give extra points according to the regulations of each program.
  • Bonus points (from 2021) are accumulated over the years to redeem gifts.
  • Promotion points are not exchangeable among accounts. 
  • If the client has valid transactions but cannot be converted into points, please contact VDSC within 30 days from the date of making a valid transaction for answers. If the client does not contact VDSC for more than 30 days, VDSC has the right to not answer and resolve the client's inquiries.
  • Requests to redeem points for gifts once made are non-cancelable, refundable, or non-changeable. Rewards redeemed cannot be exchanged for other rewards or returned, replaced, or converted to cash in any way.
  • The minimum number of bonus points to be redeemed in the financial year is 3,000 points (equivalent to a gift worth VND 300,000). The maximum number of bonus points that can be redeemed in a financial year is 100,000 points (equivalent to a gift worth VND 10,000,000).
  • Clients can go to VDSC offices in the country to receive gifts after 10 working days from the date of redemption of points.
  • To receive a gift, the client must bring a valid ID, passport, or a legitimate letter of authorization, in case the client authorizes another person to receive it on his/her behalf.
  • If the client asks for the closure of the securities account and does not exchange gifts, the reward points will be cancelled.
  • VDSC has the right to change partly or entirely or cancel the program at any time with official notice on the website:
  • VDSC is not a supplier of goods or services under the program. If there are any questions or complaints related to goods and services, you will directly contact the relevant suppliers to resolve them. VDSC makes no warranties or representations about the quality or suitability of the gifts or vouchers offered through the program.
  • The client agrees that the information provided by the client when redeeming certain products or services may be used by VDSC for management or marketing purposes.
  • Clients are solely responsible for paying taxes and fees arising from this program.
  • Complaints and disputes between VDSC and Clients arising from the program will be negotiated and resolved by both parties. If it cannot be resolved, it will be taken to a competent court.