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RongViet is always attentive to the benefits for all employees. Compensation is based upon each personnel's competence and work efficiency so as to encourage the contributions of employees to the overall performance.


  There are always many promotion opportunities for dedicated and competent individuals and high-achievers. 
  Employees are provided with adequate training and education to advance to managing positions at RongViet.
  Achievements are recognized and duly rewarded.

Compensation and benefits

  Each person's compensation is based upon his/her competence, experience, and assignments.
  Position-based raises are implemented periodically. 
  Holiday bonuses, achievement/idea rewards are granted on a regular basis.
  Meal and phone allowances as well as social, health, and accident insurance are included in the benefits package.
  Employees can take part in a great number of events, celebrations, and company trips...
Ethical standards and professional conduct

  Employees shall work with due diligence and honesty, prudence and integrity, independence, and professionalism.
Employees shall work with responsibility, offer all clients fair treatment and act upon the best interests of clients, partners, and employers.
Brokers shall "act upon the client's interests, with honesty, security, and accountability in all transactions with clients".

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