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Our corporate restructuring and valuation services assist with companies' involvement in the financial market. The objective of these services is to enhance corporate professionalism and transparency, which ultimately contribute to client firms' long-term development and enable active market participation.

 Solid financial capacity and transparency add greatly to the competitiveness and the resulting market position of a firm.

 Coporate restructuring therefore plays a crucial part in the developement of every companies, especially firms who are advancing in the transition from the small-scaled businesses to public companies and those interested in expansion and/or strategic partnership with local or overseas investors.

 Upon assessment and analyses of the company's financials, RongViet's team will lay out a suitable restruturing scheme in order to increase tranparency, ensure financial safety, efficienct an dcompliance with market customs as well applicable laws and regulations. Our corporate restructuring service includes:

  Assessment and analysis of current financial status;
  Construction of restructuring scheme and timeline;
  Outline optimal restructuring solutions;
  Execution of restructuring plan;
Review of execution and modification/supplementation of the restructuring plan.

 Apart from the determination of firm value under our privatization, issuance or listing advisory service packages, RongViet also offers firm valuation and equity valuation as seperate services. Our team of experienced experts promise the most comprehensive valuation packages for firms in all sector/indutriesfor and for the many purposes of equity issuance, stock listing, M&As... Employing mordern valuation methods currently applied in the market such as the Net Asset Value Method, Discounted Cash Flow Valuation and Relative Valuation, RongViet carries out the following tasks:

  Review and assistance in the collection of legal documents related to the appraisals of the firm assets;
  Field survey and collection of information relevant to the appraised assets;
  Construction of future business plan and strategy;
  Financial and cash flow planning;
  Collection of input financial data for firm valuation;
Assessment and analysis of financial data and data adjustment for the firm's realities;
Construction of valuation model and determination of firm value by different methods.
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Mr. Pham Tan Tien

Director of Investment Banking Division

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Tel     :  (028) 6299 2006 - Ext 1405

Mr. Nguyen Van Thien

Deputy Director, Hanoi Branch

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Tel     :  (024) 6288 2006 - Ext 2369

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