Custody Services

Dividends payment


Transfer fee due to closing account, transfering all or a portion of securities 
Fee paid to VSD (Maximum fee for transferring a securities ticker each time cannot exceed VND 300,000)VND 0.3/Securities
Service feeVND 500,000/Form


Fee for transfering sercurities ownership not via trading system of stock exchanges
Fee paid to VSD0.1%/Transaction Value
Service Fee (Minimum fee is VND 500,000 per form)0.1%/Transaction Value


Securities custody


Custody fee (All of the fee is paid to Vietnam Securities Depository Center)
Securities/Covered Warrant/Fund CertificateVND 0.27/Securities/Month
BondsVND 0.18/Bond/Month


This fee schedule is subject to changes at the announcements of RongViet Securities.