Funding Ratios ≥ 35%≥ 40%≥ 40%≥ 40%
Free/Reduced margin trading renewal fee
 25% Renewal Fee50% Renewal Fee50% Renewal Fee75% Renewal Fee
Minimum extension rate for margin45%40%40%35%35%
2-day-free of margin interestxxxxx
2-day-free of cash advance feexxxxx


Bonus points when clients open new securities accounts5050505050
Bonus points when clients trade again after 6 months of stopping trading5050505050
The more transactions, the bigger the bonus points. Awarding bonus points based on X ratio (equivalent to the Quarterly Base Account Transaction Value/ Quarterly Average NAV-Average NAV of at least 50 millions):
X ≥ 2:  20 points
X ≥ 5:  50 points
X ≥ 10: 100 points
X ≥ 15: 150 points
Multiples of 1Multiples of 1.5Multiples of 1.8Multiples of 2Multiples of 2.2
Bonus points for the client's birthday/ the anniversary of the company's founding (point/year).50100150200250
Bonus points for loyalty to the over-1-year clients' accounts (point/year).50100150200250
Celebrate on special occasions: Gifts for establishment/ opening day to enterprises clients; Birthday gifts for individual clients; Lunar New Year gifts; New Year's gifts; According to the annual program


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Special analysis report, analysis report on request.  xxx