VDSC announces Earnings Realease Q3/2022 (Separated Financial Statements)

In 3rd Quater 2022, Rong Viet Securities recorded VND 194 billion in revenue, a decrease of 14% yoy. After 9 months of 2022, the revenue reached VND 651 billion, a decrease of 15% yoy and completed 55% of the plan for 2022, while the total expenses reached VND 762 billion, an increase of 112% yoy and equivalent to 113% of the 2022 plan.

Rong Viet Securities's earnings after tax (EAT) in 3rd Quarter 2022 reached VND 24 billion, decreased 67% yoy. 9-month-accumulative EAT recorded a negative VND 105 billion.

Earnings per share (EPS) of 3rd Quarter 2022 settled at VND 229.

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