Securities Deposit

VDSC is a member of the Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD) and allowed to perform all services related to the deposit of securities. In the management of clients' securities account, we guarantee confidential, secure, and fast execution.

Investors who deposit securities at VDSC may subscribe/execute their entitlements at the VDSC trading counter or via VDSC online trading system. Our services include:

  • Compose the list of entitled stockholders to compare with the VSD and allocate entitlement to eligible accounts.
  • AGM attendance entitlement.
  • Entitlement to bond interest and principal payments.
  • Entitlement to cash and stock dividends.
  • Entitlement to share purchase rights.
  • Entitlement to bond conversion for convertible bonds.

VDSC works in liaison with the VSD to maintain and keep records of clients' securities and to perform processes needed to transfer securities to clients' trading account along with all related entitlements. We offer services to all clients with a trading account at VDSC or shareholders of listed company whose shareholder book is managed by VDSC:

  • Deposit and re-deposit of securities.
  • Securities withdrawal.
  • Mortgaging and unmortgaging of securities.


  • Securities transfer at the request of clients.
  • Securities transfer for the purpose of gifting, inheritance, or property division.
  • Securities transfer under joint-stock companies' employee stock ownership programs.