Digital Client Services

For Clients who wish to take the initiatives to make transaction at a special fee, and do not require investment consultancy and account management services from VDSC team, we provide specialized supporting system, suitable investment products together with comprehensive trading system so as to bring the best results for our clients.

Special support for digital clients

"Transaction notification" on ZaloCommunity of proactive investorsFree trainings for investors
Sending investors BUYING/SELLING points of potential stocks which show fluctuation during the trading session.
Chat room on Zalo for investors to share, discuss and learn knowledge and experience on investment. Online class for F0, bringing important and essential knowledge to new investors.
Accessing stocks, consulting strategy, identifying crucial moments of the market. Connecting investors with experts of VDSC for assessment on stocks and recommendations on building portfolio.Online discussion introducing investors to experts in order to exchange opinion on intensive subjects as well as experience in investing.
Updating daily news, important announcements, following every heartbeat of the market.  Facebook group for investors to exchange financial knowledge.


In addition, Clients can register for etaDragon service to optimize investment efficiency and cost.

  • Eligible for special trading rate: 0.13%/transaction.  
  • Online system with outstanding functions to support clients’ trading activities at full capacity.  
  • Intensive analysis reports and effective portfolio recommendations are updated daily, supporting investment decisions.