To place an order to buy/ sell stocks, please follow one of these following options:
- Option 1: Please visit one of our branches and bring your valid ID card.
Details of our branch office are available here.
- Option 2: If you have registered for the callDragon transaction service, please use your registered number to contact us at (028) 6299 2020 for assistance.
- Option 3: Contact your Account Manager for support.
- Option 4: If you have registered for an online trading service, log-in to the iDragon app -> Choose “Orders” to make orders. 

Please check that your price is within the ceiling/ floor price range of the stock.
Attention: VDSC’s default unit is VND 1,000.
Eg: If you want to place an order at the price of VND 35,500, please input 35.5 only.

According to regulations on payment and clearing of securities issued by the Vietnam Securities Depository, the duration for payment of securities is 11h30 on day (T+2) (the second working day after the day T of the matching order). Therefore, investors can make an order to sell in the afternoon session of the day (T+2).
For example: 
- On 25th Aug 2022 (Thursday), investor got the order matched (Day T).
- Around 11h30-12h of 29th Aug 2022 (Monday), shares will be paid to the investor’s account (day T+2), and the investor can sell securities in the afternoon session of the same day. 

Conditional order is the type of order attached with condition. After completing order, the order status will be “Waiting to be activated”.
The order is only activated and put on the market upon satisfying all preset conditions. 
Currently VDSC system is supporting Up and Down conditional orders. 
For more details on placing a conditional order, please click here.