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Leverage is a necessity for investment return magnification. VDSC's Margin trading services promise safety, efficiency, and the variety to meet every investor's needs. The service is constructed on a diverse, monthly updated list of eligible stocks that satisfy our criteria and the relevant stock exchange’s requirements, competitive, and flexible margin rate…

  • All clients with a broker or account manager of VDSC.
  • Clients who have signed the Margin Trading Account Opening Contract cum Credit Contract with VDSC.

  • Contract term: 03 months.
  • Contract extension: When a contract expires, the client can submit an extension request for VDSC's approval; the maximum period of extension is 03 months.
  • Interest rate: In accordance with VDSC's then-applying rate scheduleFee schedule.
  • Lending ratio: In accordance with VDSC's margin lending policy and the policy of the SSC.