Announcement: Rong Viet Securities will go on as usual in the best condition in the highest service quality during the Covid-19 epidemic

According to Announcemnt No. 131/TB-UBCK by the State Securities Commission (SSC) regarding the operation of the Stock Market during the Covid-19 epidemic: "The trading activity on the stock market is a necessary service and must be kept safe, stable, and continuous under any circumstance."

Rong Viet Securities would like to inform you that our operation will go on as usual, and our system is in the best condition in order to ensure the highest service quality to our clients.

In order to overcome the Covid-19 epidemic, Rong Viet's clients are encouraged to execute transactions online, restrict traveling around or coming to our office to minimize the risk of infection.

Should you require and assistance, please contact your account manager or our Call Center at 028.6299 2020.

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